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Trojans Trek would like to welcome Doug Sheridan to the Board of Directors. With a remarkable 33-year Australian Army and Special Operations career, Doug brings a wealth of experience, dedication, and leadership to our organisation.

Doug’s military journey has taken him globally, with deployments to Tonga, Malaysia, East Timor, the Solomon Islands, Afghanistan, and the United Nations in West Sahara. His transition to law enforcement saw him spend a decade with the Australian Federal Police, contributing significantly as an Air Security Officer post-9/11.

Beyond his military and law enforcement roles, Doug serves a Business Director for HomeFront Australia. He is actively involved in volunteer work, supporting veterans and collaborating with various organisations. He holds an MBA from The University of Queensland, complemented by international studies at Harvard Business School and Copenhagen Business School.

In addition to his role with Trojans Trek, Doug is actively engaged in various board and committee memberships, including the Australian Army Sniper Association, Defence in Business, and Peninsula Cricket Community Cricket Club.

We are privileged to have such a dedicated leader on board. Thank you for giving us the most valuable resource, Doug. Your Time!

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