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Established in South Australia in 2009, Trojan’s Trek is a vehicle-led, wilderness-based peer support intervention for military service and ex-service personnel, police, first responders and corrections. Rooted in peer-reviewed programs, Trojan’s Trek offers a unique and life-altering experience to help our communities rediscover their core values, purpose, and identity as they migrate from a life of service to civilian living or returning to work.



Trojan’s Trek guides participants in exploration, fostering reconnection to their values, purpose and identity amidst the challenges of returning to work, civilian life and community.


Recognising the transition space, Trojan’s Trek provides a perfect wilderness backdrop for individuals to reflect, connect, be curious and discover.

First Nation Engagement

Trojan’s Trek is committed to harmonious engagement with First Nation communities, immersing participants in rich culture, narratives, wisdom, and a profound connection to ancestral land and waters and sharing stories.

Open-Minded Engagement

Trojan’s Trek engages participants, volunteers, and First Nation communities with open minds, a genuine willingness to absorb perspectives, and a commitment to learning without imposing preconceptions or solutions.