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Our Mission

At Trojan’s Trek, we work towards supporting a profound transformation in the lives of serving and ex-servicing personnel, police, and first responders. We push boundaries through our vehicle-led national wilderness-based peer support program, offering a unique and life-altering experience. Rooted in peer-reviewed programs, our mission is to guide participants on a journey of rediscovery, empowering them to reconnect with core values, purpose, and identity during the migration from service to civilian life or returning to work. We are committed to a powerful transformation that resonates long after the trek ends.

Our Model

We champion a model of community, reflection, and inclusive engagement. Recognising the migration from service to civilian life, our design guides participants through exploration, fostering a deep connection to their values amid the potential challenges of civilian life. Set against an ideal wilderness backdrop, our program encourages reflection, curiosity, and discovery, empowering our communities to redefine and affirm their paths. Our commitment to harmonious engagement with First Nation communities enriches the mexperience, immersing participants in culture, wisdom, and a profound connection to ancestral land. Trojan’s Trek embraces open-minded collaboration, ensuring that hearts and minds are open to diverse perspectives. We approach each interaction with a commitment to learning, fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

Our Impact

We leave an enduring impact, creating ripples beyond the wilderness. As a circuit breaker, our program helps facilitate a return to work and civilian life. Through exploration and reflection in an ideal wilderness setting, we empower individuals to navigate migration with resilience and purpose. Engagement with First Nation communities enriches the experience, fostering cultural understanding and providing a broader life perspective. Our open-minded approach ensures each interaction contributes to a collective journey of growth. We will establish new support networks, build on existing ones, and encourage ongoing participation within these networks into the future. Trojan’s Trek is more than an intervention’s a life-altering experience, equipping our communities with the tools and mindset to pursue their life’s mission. Together, we shape stories of resilience, renewal, andenduring impact.