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Q. Can I bring an assistance dog with me?
A. You can bring an assistance dog if it is fully trained and acredited. Please note that the dog must be on a lead at all times. Importantly, we also travel to places where baits have been laid for wild dogs and dingoes. Please let us know if you intend to bring an assistance dog.

Q. Am I eligible to attend?
A. Those who have served or continue to serve in the Australian Defence Force, state and federal police, paramedics, firefighters, state emergency services personnel and correction officers are all eligible to attend.

Q. What is the fitness level that is required? How much trekking is there?
A. The trek is 4×4 based and a basic fitness level is all you need. There is an opportunity to go for daily walks by yourself or with your Trek mates. You need the ability to sleep in basic cottage beds, swags or at least in a tent (if needed). The trek is conducted in an isolated environment. You must have all your medication and be self-sufficient in taking care of your own well-being.

Q. Are swags provided?
A. Yes. For sleeping, you need to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow. The temperature varies considerably in the Outback; please bring clothing and sleeping gear that will suit all seasons. This will be outlined in the information package once you have been accepted to attend a trek.

Q. Is the trek fully catered?
A. Yes. Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary requirements.

Q. Who pays for my flight?
A. Your flights should be covered if you are currently on a rehabilitation or return to work plan with the Department of Veterans Affairs or Work Cover. We will contact them to enable them to cover the cost of flights.
However, don’t fret if you aren’t on a rehabilitation or return-to-work plan. Please contact us; thanks to our generous sponsors, we can assist you with the flight cost.

Q. Do I need a doctor’s clearance?
A. Yes. We will give you a form to discuss with your GP; we require their approval for you to attend.

Q. Can I bring my vehicle?
A. No. Due to insurance, we supply all vehicles for use on the trek.

Q. I have done the trek before. Can I attend again?
A. If you have attended previously, please get in touch with us to discuss this option.

Q. I have a CPAP machine; can this be accommodated?
A. Yes, it certainly can. Please contact up to discuss.

Q. Can I take photos?
A. Yes. We will discuss privacy at our first briefing. Some people on the trek may not consent to using their images.

Q. Is the trek alcohol-free?
A. Yes. If you are worried about ceasing drinking for the week, please discuss this with your GP.

Q. I take medicinal cannabis; is this OK?
A. Yes. Please ensure that your GP lists this on the medical form he signs. As with any drugs on the trek, a prescription is required.