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Trojans Trek would like to welcome Hayley Ann Boswell to our Board of Directors. Hayley brings a unique and invaluable perspective to our organisation as a Military Spouse, Solicitor, Founder of Defence Kidz, and a dedicated mother of two defence children.

As the Founder of Defence Kidz, Hayley has been at the forefront of various initiatives, and we are excited about the positive impact they will bring in 2024. As the Principal Solicitor at Lynch & Co Lawyers, Hayley brings legal expertise and a wealth of experience.

Hayley is part of the South Australian Veterans Advisory Council, the Princes Trust Defence Family Business Award winner, and a Prime Minister’s Veterans Employment Awards Finalist. Additionally, being named on the SA Government’s Women’s Honour Role for her Veteran family advocacy showcases her significant contributions.

Hayley’s active engagement with State and Federal Ministers and collaboration with non-government organisations highlights her commitment to creating meaningful change at a broader level.

We are privileged to have Hayley on board, bringing her passion, expertise, advocacy and, more importantly, precious time to Trojans Trek.

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